In January 2023, we launched ‘Implementing Community Wealth Building: A Guide”. This document takes you through the process of adopting a Community Wealth Building approach and the first steps required when developing a CWB action plan, by offering a set of practical tools to help local stakeholders plan and work together to achieve this. There are numerous examples and case studies detailing what others are doing and what has worked elsewhere.

The guide includes:

  • Ministerial Foreword: Tom Arthur MSP,
    Minister for Public Finance, Planning and Community Wealth
  • What is Community Wealth Building?
  • Community Wealth Building in Scotland.
  • Useful tools and resources to help you develop your action plan.
  • Examples of good practice from Scotland and further afield.
  • Further resources.

Implementing Community Wealth Building: A Guide 

This guide offers practical support for all those seeking to pursue a CWB approach in their locality and/or wider region. It is both a first introduction for those new to the topic as well as a source of helpful advice and resources for any stage of the journey. Its sections provide an understanding about the benefits of Community Wealth Building – as demonstrated by its advance in many places already – and the potential it offers for local, regional communities, and Scotland as a whole.

Community Wealth Building (CWB) is an internationally recognised model of economic development designed to tackle long standing systemic challenges facing local, regional and national economies by considering the ways in which wealth is generated, circulated and distributed. Through a defined five pillar model of deliberate and practical action, CWB seeks to direct and retain more wealth in communities by creating new fair work opportunities; helping local businesses and inclusive business models to expand; and placing more assets in the hands of local people and communities, ensuring that our collective wealth works better for people, place and planet.