Net Zero Community of Practice


At the EDAS conference in May 2021, we committed to establishing a Community of Practice that enables economic development actors to become climate leaders.

Building on the knolwedge gained from the COP26 Conference in 2021, there is no better time to continue to the Net Zero Community of Practice.

The Community of Practice will encourage bold action in place of rhetoric. It will focus on how organisations are reaching for Net Zero within the discipline of economic development, as opposed to reiterating policy and progress.

Below you will find event summaries of events 1 and 2 in the Community of Practice series ‘Measuring and Reducing Carbon Impact’ and ‘Stimulating Green, Just, and Nature-Based Jobs’. You can also take a read of our thought leadership blogs.


‘Stimulating Green, Just and Nature-based Jobs’ Event Report 

‘Measuring and Reducing Carbon Impact’ Event report 

Blog: Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan and the journey to Net Zero – David Coyne, Skills Development Scotland

Blog: How can Green Infrastructure contribute to Scotland’s journey to Net-Zero? – Dr Emilie Wadsworth, Green Action Trust 

Climate Community of Practice Launch Event

From Covid to COP26 Conversations

EDAS Conference 2021- Session 1: Planet

EDAS Conference 2021 – Session 2: People