EDAS Policy Themes 2024 – 2027


We believe everyone should have a genuine stake in the economy, and the economy must work for all. This includes ensuring that economic development, as a discipline, represents and acts for the diverse nation we are, being ever cognisant of how our practice intersects with race, gender, age, class, and religion.


EDAS will examine how our geography and locations will be used; what our physical environment will look like; how we protect and nurture our considerable natural assets; how our communities adapt to a just transition and how major capital investment programmes related to modern transport infrastructure and business premises can promote long term economic prosperity and wellbeing.


We see prosperity as a broad endeavour cutting across the three other priorities. Whilst traditionally associated with economic growth, we will work to extend the idea of prosperity to include the aims of wellbeing and community wealth building. In the next three years, EDAS will work with members and partners to frame issues and challenges, set tone to action, and help realise the change and opportunities arising from the required transition.


We will showcase the unprecedented opportunity of new green industries and the Just Transition of Scotland’s economy. For example, the opportunity to establish new renewables industries in Scotland including offshore wind and green hydrogen; reducing the use of non-renewable natural resources, and developing circular business models and supply chains.

New spaces for dialogue

Economic development involves problem solving and making the most of new opportunities. Currently, we are at the beginning of a new journey, transitioning from a now unsustainable, long-standing, fossil-fuelled economic growth model to an emerging newer, greener, and more universally generous, inclusive economy model.

In the next three years EDAS will open spaces for dialogue, debates, and knowledge sharing which help our members to navigate these new emerging challenges and opportunities.


Maintain cross-sector partnerships

EDAS is committed to developing a stronger relationship with the Scottish Government’s Economy Directorate and UK Government policy makers to help strengthen the links between policy and practice. In the next three years we will support partnerships and increase the recognition that economic development works at multiple scales be it global, international, national, regional, island or local, and across multiple sectors (for example, health, transport and digital).