EDAS Policy Themes 2021/2022


Climate change represents the most pressing challenge and priority for Scotland in the years ahead.  Scotland has a target of reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses to net zero by 2045 with interim targets in the decades before this. To support this theme,  EDAS policy priorities will include net zero transition, the circular economy, building resilience and natural capital.


Alongside the challenges of the pandemic, Scotland’s commitment to net zero demands that we equip existing and new workers with the skills to contribute to a modern economy. This includes upskilling and reskilling workers for green jobs .To support this theme, EDAS will focus on Community Wealth Building, inclusive business models, opportunities for disadvantaged groups and fair and meaningful work.


COVID-19 has altered the landscape and footfall of our cities and towns. At the same time, the pandemic has provided opportunities to increase levels of connectivity and digital inclusion across Scotland. To support this EDAS will focus on regional economic partnerships and growth deals, the replacement of EU funds and future Scottish/ UK funding, land and infrastructure and towns, cities and rural areas.